1. Considered a possible lost classic to many locals after their move to a larger location (and kitchen), is anything but. Bouldin Coffee’s all vegetarian menu remains spot on. Vegi Royal (burger) with chipotle-pecan pesto + asian slaw, and the Zucchini Miga’s - two satisfying plates. 
This truck has tons of regulars, and for good reason. The owner Angie is at the top of the panini culinary world, well our world. The Pizzo is a must, her Tomato Basil soup is spicy drinkable, and her cannoli is like ice cream and fudge had a beautiful baby. Riverside and 35 (1620 East Riverside)
  3. Biking with hundreds of people right through downtown Austin? Hm, yeah, why wouldn’t you? It’s quite a site and a lot of fun. Bring a few brewskies in a small cooler. They make a few stops and hang out. Gotta try it at least once. Check the Social Cycling ATX out on twitter here and some information on this specific ride here. 
  4. There’s tons of Mexican joints in Austin, then, there is Curra’s. The plates appear traditional in name but the ingredients and energy spent cooking them is anything but average. Chilli Con Queso, Cochinita Pibil (pictures) and the Carnitas are a few of our favorites. Check out the menu. 
  5. Probably the most frequented burger joint in all of Austin, and for good reason. Fast, consistent burgers - although no bacon :(. Simple menu. Vegi burger is great. Don’t pass on the fries, thin and crispy awesomeness. 
  6. Mandola’s Italian Market is a restaurant, grocery store, and gelato cafe. The gnocchi bolognese was spot on. Minestrone soup and vanilla bean gelato nailed it. They have frozen raviolis for sale, portion 2 / $12. Also you pay before you eat, which Brayden is a huge fan of.
Black’s BBQ is located in Lockheart, TX (25 min. from DT Austin) and is considered the BBQ capital of Texas. I’d have to agree and we only went to Black’s, for now. The BBQ Beef rib is enough for two, as you can see. And the meat literally falls off the bone, no knives needed. Check out the “Corner Bar” afterwards, really sweet country place. 
  8. Had 4 artison cheese ravioli with a lamb bolognese - yeah that happened. Lots of non-meat sauces as well. Food truck on East 6th / Comal on the left past Buenos Aires (a great restaurant.) 
  9. Best Kombucha on the market. Not so fizzy, and the Ginger flavor is a bubbly climax of refreshment. Available at Wholefoods, Republic Square Farmers Market, the Whip In, etc. 
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